• “I would definitely recommend mediation. Professional and thorough!”

• “We didn’t know what to do about our estate. The mediators led us through some difficult conversations and helped us to make decisions that were fair and will last.”

• “A great experience!”

• “I have learned so much from my training. Becoming a mediator changes you. I think much more clearly about conflict and disputes. Thank you MVMP.”

• “If a divorce can be pleasant at all, we had that kind of experience. We are still friends and our agreement has really helped us to go forward as separated parents.”


An off-island heir had only two days to evict her recently deceased aunt’s caregiver from the home before the home sale closing.  The situation was tense and painful.  Through mediation, arranged with only a few hours’ notice, the two were able to talk, cry, laugh and make fair decisions.  What could have been a tragedy all around ended up with two people who had lost someone dear to them, being able to unite in their grief.  At the end they were able to come to a mutually satisfactory agreement.  The caregiver had a home to go to and the heir was able to finalize the sale. Both continue to be in contact today and thank mediation for helping through difficult days.

Two lawyers were having difficulties with coming to an agreement in an employment dispute.  Utilizing a Portuguese interpreter, on two occasions and negotiating toward the end through email, after over 10 hours, an agreement was reached.  Lawyers cited the importance of having neutral mediators guiding the discussion.  “We were going to war and you brought peace.”


• Mediation services and conflict resolution education to hundreds of residents.

• Divorce and family mediation saved families thousands of dollars

• Volunteer and professional mediators from all walks of life, all six towns

• Providing Portuguese interpretation

• Regularly called upon by Dukes County Court to mediate


90% of mediation clients say the process helped them.

65% of Small Claims cases and 89% of community cases end with an agreement.

100% of our mediators are Massachusetts qualified

85% of mediation clients say they would choose mediation again.

35 years of service to the Martha’s Vineyard Community

100 + inquiries, cases, facilitation and other services per year