Conflict Resolution Day – October 17, 2019

Sara Barnes, MVMP President 

For many years, cities, towns, schools and organizations have been celebrating Conflict Resolution Day on the third Thursday of October.  In Massachusetts it is Conflict Resolution week. MVMP wants to work with you to make this day a reality.

What can you do to honor Conflict Resolution Day?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Put a statement on your website such as We honor International Conflict Resolution Day.  Add a note specific to your organization.

  • Take the time to talk with someone with whom you have a conflict.  “In honor of Conflict Resolution Day, I want to take time to work with you to resolve our conflict.”

  • Gather your family for a Conflict Resolution meal and talk about how you resolve conflicts together.

  • Talk to your co-workers about doing something at work together.  Team building can be part of a pro-active Conflict Resolution Day.

  • Communicate with legislators and elected officials about your interest in resolving a specific conflict in the town, state, county or world.

  • Reflect on your own actions and plan to work on your own conflict resolution skills and practices.

At MVMP, Conflict Resolution Day is every day for us.  We provide mediation, facilitation, conflict coaching and support for many on Martha’s Vineyard.  Be a part of the work and take some time on October 17, 2019 to celebrate this important day.